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Course Detail

Programming 90Days

Programming Essentials in Python.

Course Information

  • Course Price Ksh 12,500
  • Place Spiritan Technical College, Sultan Hamud.
  • Total Students 100+
  • Course Duration 4 Weeks
  • Course Start July 25, 2023


This course covers all the basics of programming in Python, as well as general computer programming concepts and techniques. The course also familiarizes the student with the object-oriented approach. The course will prepare the student for jobs/careers connected with widely understood software development, which includes not only creating the code itself as a junior developer, but also computer system design and software testing.

It could be a stepping-stone to learning any other programming language, and to explore technologies using Python as a foundation (e.g., Django, SciPy).This course is distinguished by its affordability, friendliness, and openness to the student. It starts from the absolute basics, guiding the student step by step to complex problems, making her/him a responsible software creator able to take on different challenges in many positions in the IT industry.

Programming Essentials in Python curriculum is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of programming.

Programming Essentials in Python curriculum helps students prepare for the PCAP | Python Certified Associate Programmer certification exam. PCAP is a professional certification that measures the student’s ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the Python language, and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming.

Course Outline

Title Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Topic 1 15:30 13:80 Successful
2. Topic 2 15:30 13:80 Successful
3. Topic 3 15:30 - Successful
4. Topic 4 15:30 13:80 Successful
5. Topic 5 15:30 - Waiting
6. Topic 6 15:30 13:80 -